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Italy - off the radar | Magical ports away from prying eyes

Italy - off the radar | Magical ports away from prying eyes

Imagine that you have been sailing for days and want a little taste of dry land. You don't want a simple stopover, but an experience, or rather an emotion. 

Enchanted places, where time stood still, leaving room for the appreciation of small daily gestures allowing you to slow down and live. 

A picnic by the sea, a stroll through the historic villages, a romantic candlelit dinner, a dip in the crystal-clear waters and much more...

History, culture and beauty make these ports a symbol of well-being and the good life. From Capri to Porto Cervo, passing through Portofino, the Belpaese is full of these romantic places. We, however, have decided to highlight the lesser-known ones that deserve the same interest as others with more high-sounding names.

Porto Venere

The Cinque Terre are among the first fixed stops for those who decide to visit Italy. This picturesque medieval harbour has repeatedly been renamed the sixth “Terra” for all it has to offer.


  • Visit Byron cave and St Peter's Church.
  • Stay at the Grand Hotel Portovenere
  • Excursion by sea to the Palmaria-Tino-Tinetto archipelago


The largest of the Pontine islands has the advantage that most of its beaches can only be reached by sea, preserving  its exclusivity. 

Ponza, however, has much more to offer. The Bourbon port is a pleasure for the eyes with its colourful houses and exciting social scene. Last but not least is the  local cuisine with mixed influences from Campania and Lazio...


  • Must-do: snorkelling in the natural pools
  • Visit the other nearby Pontine islands
  • Dine at "aquapazza" on the harbour


Sometimes overshadowed by the more famous Capri and Ischia, Procida (Italian Capital of Culture 2022) is the most authentic of the three, retaining its almost mythological atmosphere over the years.

The patchwork of colourful fishermen's dwellings make the village of Marina Corricella one of the liveliest and most charming in Italy.


  • Stroll around the enchanting Marina Corricella
  • Visit the village of Terra Murata

Poltu Quatu (Costa Smeralda)

Poltu Quatu derives from the Sardinian language for "hidden port" because the natural channel that forms this enchanting place is bordered by granite rock walls covered in dense vegetation that hides the town from the outside.

Often bypassed in order to visit more famous ports such as Porto Cervo or Porto Rotondo, Poltu Quatu actually has little to envy, especially in terms of nightlife.


  • Dine at Aruanà
  • Enjoy the sunset at Phi Beach in Baja Sardinia
  • Visit the folkloristic market of San Pantaleo


This is the most easterly of the aforementioned ports with a historic centre that catapults you back to the 15th century.

Otranto is home to a historic lighthouse and a beautiful castle, the water is crystal clear and the selection of food is mouth-watering.


  • Visit the Aragonese Castle
  • Dive into the blue of the "Cave of Poetry"
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