Sustainable Italian shoes: meet the craftsmen of San Daniele del Friul – Azaleri
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Sustainable Italian shoes: meet the craftsmen of San Daniele del Friuli

Sustainable Italian shoes: meet the craftsmen of San Daniele del Friuli


When we buy a product, our first hope is that it will last. This is why it is important to choose goods that are made with quality raw materials and care in the workmanship. These aspects of primary importance are then followed by a little routine maintenance to ensure that your purchase remains beautiful and intact over time. Handmade Friuliane shoes are the symbol of what has just been described: their immortal style unites tradition and future, with unique workmanship handed down over time.


Craftsmanship and innovation

Azaleri is a company that looks back to the past with nostalgic respect, while making instrument innovation the north of its compass. Precisely for this reason it collaborates with expert craftsmen: the intention is to succeed in enhancing the value of ancient crafts, without tricks or shortcuts of any kind, to give life to unique handmade shoes with attention to the smallest detail. The meticulousness and love that the family-run companies we collaborate with put into the production process ensure that we can have a high quality shoe in our hands that will always remain beautiful and comfortable over time. What is worn is not just a simple pair of shoes, but a work of craftsmanship in which skills are handed down from generation to generation. From the selection of the best raw materials to the production of the finished product, strict quality controls are respected to ensure that customers receive an excellent product. Azaleri shoes only use 'OEKO-TEX Standard 100' certified materials that meet the highest criteria for quality and durability.


Rebalancing with Nature

The philosophy with which Azaleri Friuliane shoes are created is that of 'Less & Better': the production process is deliberately slow, because this is the only way to create shoes of the highest quality and with meticulous attention to detail. The care for Azaleri Friuliane shoes also concerns the environment: there is a dialogue between craftsmen throughout the production process to ensure the choice of sustainably sourced materials and responsible forging. The company's wish is to convey to the wearer of Friuliane shoes the feeling of being an active part of the creation of a unique garment, which combines natural materials, tradition in the making and attention to Nature.


Pasquale and Niccolò's idea

The intent of Azaleri founders is not only to export the iconic Italian style, but also to offer their customers a shoe made in a sustainable manner with a reduced environmental impact. The care of the Friuliane shoes concerns the product itself, thanks to the work of San Daniele's experienced professionals who put special care and love into making the shoes, and the earth, which is respected by selecting ethically sourced raw materials and environmentally friendly processes.

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