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An Italian Craftsmanship Story

Azaleri is a story of tradition, craftsmanship and passion for the territory. Our production is rooted in the footwear districts from Friuli-Venezia Giulia to Marche and it is the ultimate expression of the Italian Dolce Vita. Quality of raw materials and attention to details are the hallmarks of the family-run workshops with which we collaborate, custodians of skillful manufacturing techniques handed down through generations. We offer a wide selection of Venetian slippers, trainers and accessories, icons of the Italian lifestyle that recall a timeless, elegant and refined style. Each creation combines tradition and innovation, channeling the Made in Italy at its fullest.


Sorrento '22

This season takes us to Sorrento, home of lemon trees and breathtaking landscapes.


The Azaleri Friuliane slippers are Italian at heart. They are born from the idea of enhancing tradition and craftsmanship and are designed for him and her, lovers of dressing with taste and wearing quality Made in Italy shoes. Our shoes are comfortable and versatile and they are made with refined raw materials by the hands of expert craftsmen. Their elegant and informal design makes them perfect for any occasion, from the most formal to the most casual.

The uppers of Azaleri Friulane shoes are made of velvet, linen, cotton and suede, materials of the highest quality treated by hand with the utmost attention to detail. Our craftsmen - symbols of the Italian manufacturing art - are among the few who join the insole, upper and edges of the Friuliane shoes through the ancient chain-stitch technique, which requires extreme precision with more than two hours of work. The quality of the raw material and the craftsmanship of the production process are the aspects that allow us to guarantee the long life of the footwear and enhance its qualities.

Our idea of bringing the taste, beauty and authenticity of Made in Italy to the world does not stop at Friuliane shoes. Craftsmanship experience, passion for tradition and attention to detail are values that also characterise Azaleri trainers and lifestyle accessories. In accordance with the latest requirements in terms of sustainability, we are committed to respecting nature, using sought-after ethically sourced raw materials and preferring slow and sustainable craftsmanship to mass production.