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Friulane shoes: beautiful, comfortable and eco-friendly

Friulane shoes are a symbol of a 100% Italian tradition. Born as handcrafted shoes sewn by peasant families, these shoes represent one of the most fashionable trends of recent years. Friulane shoes, also known as Venetian slippers, are the ultimate expression of Made in Italy and their sophistication revolves around three principles: beauty, comfort and eco-sustainability.


Why are they so popular

The iconic nature of the Venetian slippers is not only the result of their use by the gondoliers who sailed the Venetian waters in the first half of the 20th century, but is also a reminder of the tradition and necessity of 19th-century Friulian families of low origin who sewed their shoes by hand, handing them down through generations.

The beauty of the Friulane shoes is a clear invitation to honour the roots of a culture that continues to exert a certain fascination. The peasant origin of this shoe, in fact, suggests that they were designed to favour freedom and comfort of movement for the wearer. In fact, Venetian gondoliers also began to wear them for the stability they provided while working. Today, Venetian slippers are one of the most representative footwear of contemporary Made in Italy fashion and have become true icons of elegance and comfort. The perfect combination of these two aspects is what makes them so desirable.


The eco-friendly character of Friulane shoes 

Besides being beautiful and comfortable, handmade Friuliane shoes are also earth-friendly. The production process through which they are made is part of a broader green philosophy attentive to the quality of the materials used. Today, numerous artisans in Italy produce Venetian slippers with natural and recycled raw materials.

In recent times, the success of the Friulane has led to a considerable increase in demand. This has facilitated the approach to the market of industrial producers, who pay less attention to the choice of materials than handcraft producers. Non-craftmade shoes respect the criteria of beauty, elegance and comfort typical of Friulane shoes, at the cost, however, of sacrificing their eco-friendly character. 

Tradition dictates, in fact, that the right processing times are dedicated to the production of Friulane shoes. The latter are generally extended because the craftsmen carefully attend to all the details of the shoe, to make it iconic. The refinement of the production process and the attention to the environment are the aspects that have allowed Friulane shoes to quickly enter the emerging fashion world as protagonists.


Are you looking for quality Friulane? 

If you are looking for Friulane shoes to match fresh, summery outfits or elegant, sophisticated looks, Azaleri is for you. Years of unique collaborative work with experienced craftsmen, allow us to offer you a wide selection of high quality Friulane shoes for both men and women.

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