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Friulane: style, tradition and the art of making do

Da est ad ovest, una storia senza precedenti, sotto l’occhio vigile de La Serenissima.


The ancient craft tradition of Friulane dates back to the 19th century in the Friulian countryside. They have always been a symbol of strength and dignity, made with care and attention by the women of the family. The sustainable spirit is enhanced by the use of recycled materials such as jute sacks for the padding, scraps of fabric for the uppers, discarded shirts for the imaginative inner linings and finally bicycle tyres for the soles, which are today an unmistakable detail of these shoes.

The main fabrics were canvas for everyday use and velvet for special occasions. Depending on the geographical area, the Friulane took on a different aesthetic, which could be a particular embroidery, stitching, decoration or a different shape of the tip.

Friulane shoes arrived in Venice after the war, thanks to the gondoliers, who appreciated their non-slip properties which helped to preserve the precious surfaces of the gondolas. Over time, these shoes conquered the members of the Venetian aristocracy, who preferred them in black to attend sumptuous events or coloured with damask trimmings as simple house slippers.

Nowadays, Friulane shoes continue to win over everyone, young and old, with their unique and unmistakable style. Skilled craftsmen of the second and third generation allow us to continue to experience the magic of this traditional shoe.

Whether for a classy evening out, a stroll through the Venetian calli or simply to relax at home, the Friulane have become irreplaceable.

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