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Friulane shoes for men: models, types, colours

Friulane shoes for men: models, types, colours

Similar to moccasins, but softer and more comfortable: handmade Friulane shoes are one of the biggest trends of recent years. This footwear knows no gender: in fact, it is suitable for men and women alike. But how can you choose the right friulane for you?

And how to match it in an original way depending on the context?

If these questions have popped into your mind, then the next few lines are what you are looking for. In this article, in fact, you will find some insights into the available models and useful tips on how to match them.


Friulane: the right model for the right occasion

There are two models of handmade Friulane shoes for men: Certosa and Torcello, but let's look at them in detail.

Friulane Certosa shoes are the most versatile: they adapt to every context and every look, whether more formal or more elephant-like. The raw materials are always the finest: top quality cotton, linen and suede fabric guarantee a comfortable and long-lasting product. This model gives free rein to your creativity, thanks to the wide range of colours available: more classic and sober (such as midnight blue or sand) or more original (ocra, burgundy, orange) to give an original touch to your outfits and never go unnoticed.

The Torcello model, on the other hand, is more elegant. Perfect to match with a formal look, these shoes are suitable for those who do not want to renounce a unique and refined style.

The Torcello model is made of velvet and is available in classic dinner jacket colours: blue and black. In contrast to the previous one, which has the classic rounded toe, the toe of this shoe is sharper: a detail that elongates the foot and slims the whole figure.

Both shoes feature a rubber sole and insole are stitched together: style and comfort hold hands, to let you relive the purest essence of the Italian Dolce Vita through an iconic and unique garment.


Friulane men's shoes: how to match them

As we have already mentioned, these shoes stand out for their versatility. Sporty and refined at the same time, Friulane shoes can be combined with various styles and looks.

They make a simple outfit consisting of jeans and a T-shirt more sophisticated, while also giving a touch of originality if you decide to opt for a flashy instead of the classic blue, black or sand. 

Can they also be worn with a suit? Absolutely, and this is where the new trend lies: a comfortable, soft shoe combined with a more formal suit. Here too, you can opt for a sober colour, in line with the style of the outfit, or play it down with brighter tones.


Choose the right one for you

Rounded or pointed, each model of Friulane shoes brings with it the iconic Italian style and the deep-rooted tradition of experts in the field, capable of selecting the best raw materials and processing them in an accurate and sustainable way.

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Made in Italy and the attention to detail, you will take home a shoe that keeps its special features intact over time.

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