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Handmade shoes: unique, special, exclusive

Handmade shoes: unique, special, exclusive

Scarpèth, scarpets, scarpetz, but also 'papussa': we are talking about the most famous Friulane handcrafted shoes. From 'Sunday shoes', they have become a must in recent years thanks to their ability to adapt to any style. Comfortable, elegant and original: these shoes immediately add a glamorous and chic note to your outfit.

H2: Where did Friulane shoes originate?

These shoes originated around 1800 in the countryside of Friuli, from which they take their name. They were the alternative to working shoes in the fields, the ones you might have used to go to church. But did you know that they were also the shoes brides wore on their wedding day? 

It is not known how, but after the First World War, friulane shoes struck the hearts of Venetian gondoliers, who were thrilled to have found the right shoe that would not ruin their boats. And it was in Venice that high society fell in love with them and facilitated their spread.  Tradition has it that this happened because these shoes were particularly silent and thus made it possible to go into the homes of mistresses without their footsteps being heard.

Finally, we come to a few years ago, when friulane were the house shoes of the Milanese 'sciure'.

Over time, there have been many changes. In fact, unlike today, in the 19th century they were made from discarded materials: old bicycle tyres, the inner cover from jute sacks used to carry seeds and the uppers from scraps of fabric or cloth. But that was what made them special: because they were made within the home and from materials that were available, each shoe was unique. 

What characterises these shoes?

Today, handmade Friulane shoes are characterised by the variety of colours and materials in which they are available: suede, linen, cotton, velvet; they give a refined touch to the look by redesigning the silhouette of the foot, ankles and legs.

In the women's version they are available in various models: from classic to sabots, passing through a mary-jane style model.  Easy to match and incredibly versatile, these shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight thanks to their rubber sole and insole, which are sewn together to ensure grip and comfort. 


Friulane shoes that tell a story, our story

Azaleri is synonymous with quality shoes, obviously made in Italy. Our raw materials, carefully selected and among the finest on the market, are handmade by our craftsmen in San Daniele. Attention to detail is the result of the fusion of tradition and innovation, which can be found in the family-run workshops with which we collaborate.

Each product is made with care, to offer you an unprecedented and unique product with an eye towards the environment: the sustainable provenance of our shoes and the forging carried out responsibly by experts ensure a safe fit for you and those who make them... but above all for our planet.  

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