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Venetian Slippers: here's what to pair them with

Venetian Slippers: here's what to pair them with

Friulane shoes have helped overturn the canons of elegance and femininity becoming more and more popular over time. Beautiful and versatile, they are the perfect shoes for an original look, but also for all those who look at the Italian “Dolce Vita” with a nostalgic eye.
These shoes know no gender or time: they are suitable for everyone and perfect at any time of day, even for the most elegant evenings.


Friulian or Venetian?

Friulane shoes originated as humble babouches from the Friulian countryside, made from poor, discarded materials, but today they are one of the chicest choices to opt for in order to have a glamorous and sophisticated outfit.
This footwear was the alternative to the one used for work and those who wore it therefore needed to feel a well-deserved sensation of well-being and comfort on their feet. 
Over time, this shoe spread more and more until it arrived in Venice: here the gondoliers, constantly searching for a shoe that was suitable for their job and did not ruin their boats, fell in love with it and facilitated its spread. Once they reached the Venetian aristocracy, Friulane shoes enjoyed large-scale success that led them to be one of the most sought-after shoes after the First World War.
That is the reason why if we talk about Friulane or Venetian shoes we all understand what we are referring to: an extremely comfortable shoe that redesigns the silhouette of the foot, slimming the wearer's entire leg.


Some ideas on how to match them

Over the last few years handcrafted Friulane shoes have become a real trend: comfortable, versatile and sophisticated, they are able to immediately add a touch of glamour to your look.
In addition to being beautiful, these shoes are easy to match and lend themselves to being worn with all types of clothing: with straight-cut trousers or skinny jeans, but also with a full skirt or a romantic-style dress. By playing with the choice of materials and colours, you can choose whether to dare with bright shades, or choose a classic neutral colour to accompany you on your daily walks.
And for men? For them too, the options and colours are many. This allows you to have a shoe that lends itself to informal contexts, but also occasions when a suit is required: thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the attention to detail, you will be wearing a fine shoe that has an interesting story to tell.


Having the Italian Dolce Vita at your feet

The term 'Dolce Vita' refers to the tradition, good taste and iconic Italian style of the period between the 1950s and 1960s: after years of devastation and hard work, Italy can finally enjoy the well-being and what culture has to offer. 
Beauty became a focal point on which to concentrate, and Azaleri handcrafted Friulane shoes capture precisely this sentiment: these shoes, in fact, are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Beautiful to look at thanks to the fine materials and comfortable to wear thanks to the craftsmanship, Friulane shoes are the perfect alternative for a sophisticated look without having to give up comfort.
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