The glamorous side of Friulane shoes: from Dukes to Venetian aristocra – Azaleri
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The glamorous side of Friulane shoes: from Dukes to Venetian aristocracy

The glamorous side of Friulane shoes: from Dukes to Venetian aristocracy

The history of Friulane crafted shoes is that they originated as Sunday shoes, the alternative that poor people had to work shoes. But the skillful craftsmanship of the famous 'papusse' later won over even Venetian gondoliers, eventually making its way among the aristocracy.

Are you curious to know the real secret behind Friulane shoes?


The secrets of the Venetian aristocracy

Do you know how Friulian shoes became popular among the Venetian nobility? Thanks to mistresses!

Yes, after being discovered by the gondoliers, who had started using them because the rubber sole prevented the paint of their beloved and precious boats from being ruined, these shoes made their way also among the aristocracy of the Serenissima.

Tradition has it that, thanks to the material of the sole, these were the most suitable footwear for their elopements. Friulane shoes turned out to be very quiet: they were therefore the perfect solution for sneaking out of one's home and heading for that of one's concubines.


Friulane shoes: a combination of elegance and comfort

Today, Friulian handcrafted shoes are the perfect solution for those looking for a beautiful and versatile shoe that is comfortable at the same time: the rubber sole and insole are sewn together, guaranteeing the wearer a feeling of comfort and greater stability and grip.

The first-rate materials also allow the shoe to be soft and elegant. By completely enveloping the foot, its figure will also be more slender.

From morning to evening, these shoes are perfect to wear with any kind of outfit: from a more sporty outfit to a romantic dress.

Finally, the wide range of colours allows you to choose the shade that best suits your style: there are classic, soft or brighter colours for those who want to dare a little more. The variants are endless and can constantly change according to your personal taste, but one thing remains certain: Friulian handmade shoes, when worn, will make your outfit more sophisticated.


The glamorous side of sustainability

Right from their inception, these shoes were created from recycled materials, so as to avoid waste and thus producing an ever-changing product depending on what was available at the time.

Today, this process has been elevated but the principles remain the same: when you wear a pair of Friulane shoes, you will have a masterpiece of sustainability and uniqueness on your feet. Azaleri shoes are made with total respect for those who work them and for the environment. Strict quality controls, in fact, accompany the entire production process: from the choice of the material, of sustainable origin, through its processing without the use of chemicals, to the final packaging.

Care and love are the starting points from which this project is born, and this is precisely why Azaleri collaborates with expert craftsmen from San Daniele and their family-run workshops. Every shoe that comes out of production is a unique object.

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