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From dawn to dusk, Friulane shoes accompany you everywhere

From dawn to dusk, Friulane shoes accompany you everywhere

Has the trend of handmade Friulane shoes intrigued you? We know why. Friulane handmade shoes are synonymous with comfort, without ever renouncing elegance.
They are extremely versatile and know no gender or style other than the iconic Italian one: everyone can wear these shoes, totally immersing themselves in the spirit of the Dolce Vita. At work, for a walk in the park, but also on the beach, travelling or at home paired with wonderful silk pyjamas, Friulane shoes will immediately give a sophisticated touch to your look.
Impossible not to fall in love with them.


An evergreen shoe

Handcrafted Friulane shoes are a passepartout for all kinds of outfits and occasions. They are perfect over trousers for a casual look, with a skirt or a dress for those who want to take a leap back to the Fifties, or even in combination with a suit.
An elegant and sophisticated flat alternative to heels, allowing you to look feminine and refined at all times. 
Starting the day with a touch of colour is a perfect choice that immediately transmits a pleasant feeling of cheerfulness: the vast availability of colours allows you to dare and choose what suits your style and personality best.
If, on the other hand, you prefer a more sober tone, you can opt for one of the many neutral shades.
There are also many top-quality materials and they can be more or less elegant, so that you have the perfect pair of Friulane shoes for every occasion.


What do you wear for happy hour?

Comfort never goes out of fashion, in fact handmade Friulane shoes accompany you throughout the day: they are very comfortable and immediately give the wearer a feeling of comfort, so it will be difficult to part with them. But what's the problem? Thanks to their versatility, you can also use them in the evening. The fine materials they are made of and the story they tell make them a glamorous and sophisticated alternative, suitable for all styles.
Friulane shoes also know no gender: men and women alike can benefit from their elegance and comfort.


Take care of your handmade Friulane shoes

Azaleri handmade Friulane shoes are designed to evolve over time. The fabrics and leathers selected are of the highest quality to guarantee maximum durability and ensure high product quality. The workmanship is carried out by experienced San Daniele craftsmen, who put all their technique, love and care into the creation of a unique product.
By following our advice, you can take care of it effectively and prolong its life. 
A few examples? For cleaning, you can opt for hand washing with a neutral soap or in the washing machine at 30°C or less, without spinning.
As for drying, however, we recommend that you leave them in the open air, away from sunlight so as not to alter their colour.
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