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Friulane in velvet, linen, or cotton: which one to choose?

Friulane, or Venetian shoes, are cool chic slippers, in vogue among fans of Made in Italy and beyond. Elegant, comfortable and sustainable, Friulane shoes are the must-have item of clothing in the shoe cupboards of men and women who cannot do without style.


Which Friulane shoes to choose for spring?

The range of fine materials with which Friulane shoes are made by Italian craftsmen is endless and allows one to choose from numerous alternatives depending on the look and the current season. When spring arrives with bright colours and fresh looks, Friulane are a stylish alternative to flat ballerinas. The traditional colours of this ancient Friulane footwear fit perfectly with the arrival of fine weather.

To cope with the cool and warm, typically spring temperatures, the Venetian slippers are best suited to canvas. Canvas, in fact, is a very resistant fabric that ensures comfort and freshness in any season and at any time of day. Comfortable and lightweight, Canvas Friulane protect the foot from somewhat lower temperatures and promote cool airiness during hot days.


Summer with Friulane on your feet

The summer season is the ideal time of year to sport fresh and elegant looks, qualities that belong to Friulane shoes. Linen Friulane are comfortable and light, perfect for warm walks in the city and on holiday. The breathable linen fabric lightens the stride, making movement and experience on all types of ground more pleasant. At the same time, linen Venetian shoes lend a touch of lightness and elegance to typical summer clothing.

Another precious material used to produce the iconic Venetian shoes is velvet. This material is the most precious of all and is best suited for elegant and classy evening events. Summer dresses and long dresses are perfect to match with velvet Venetian slippers for a unique and original style.

The warm season multiplies the occasions when Friulane can be worn in picturesque settings. Evening aperitifs with friends or formal, elegant dinners are the contexts where Friulane, especially those in velvet, stand out the most. Velvet is a symbol of style and good taste, and the attention to detail contributes to conveying the essence of a 100% Italian style.


Are you looking for a pair of Friulane suitable for the summer season?

If you are looking for a pair of handmade velvet Friulane shoes, Azaleri is answer. Our selection of Friulane shoes for women and men includes a wide range of models to suit every style taste. The quality of the velvet used by the skilled artisans with whom we collaborate is enhanced by a slow manufacturing process that pays attention to detail.

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