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From Tom Ford to Kate Moss and George Clooney: Celebrities who have worn Friulane

Italian Friulane, or Venetian shoes, conquer the world of international celebrities. Once again, Made in Italy does not disappoint and transforms a shoe created from poor and recycled materials into a handcrafted shoe of the highest quality. International stars are bound to succumb to the temptation of Venetian shoes. Let's find out more.


Friulane: from the Friulian countryside to the streets of Hollywood

The history of Friulane shoes is an enchanting journey from the humble Friulian country festivals to the present day, where the most famous celebrities choose to show off this footwear. If before they were simple 'party shoes' that replaced work clogs for more formal occasions, Friulane shoes did not take long to become the favourite footwear of the iconic gondoliers of the Serenissima. 

Practical and elegant, Venetian slippers were used by gondoliers because they were comfortable and could convey the iconic Made in Italy aesthetic to the outside world. From 2014 onwards, Friulane shoes have managed to earn a leading role in the world of Italian fashion. Thanks to the careful choice of materials and the slow craftsmanship that ensures attention to detail, these shoes have made their way into the shoe cupboards of the biggest stars of our time.


Made in Italy Friulane shoes among the stars

Italian charm and quality craftsmanship have won over stars such as Tom Ford, Kate Moss and George Clooney. Friulane shoes have dispelled the myth of the flat shoe as an unsightly footwear and have managed to hold their own in the world of fashion's most popular shoes.

In 2019, Kate Moss was one of the first stars to sport the friulane in a bright red model paired with dark denim trousers. The comfortable rubber sole and the fine fabric of the upper matched her look perfectly! While strolling the streets of New York, Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a pair of green velvet Friulane with straight-leg denim trousers and a checked coat. Men's Furlane were also very popular: Tom Ford and George Clooney are just some of the stars who sported a pair of comfortable and stylish Friulane.

Kelly Rutherford wearing our Certosa in Pearl White


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