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The Italian La Dolce Vita: Friulane shoes symbol of elegance and refinement.

In recent years, Friulane, also known as Venetian shoes, have become a real trend in the world of handcrafted shoes. Made of precious fabrics, Venetian shoes have made their way into the refined world of Italian-made shoes, to the point of becoming an icon of the Italian Dolce Vita, much desired all over the world. 


Why the famous 'peasant shoes' have become a trend

Friulane shoes originated as 'peasant shoes' handmade by families in Friuli who lived and worked in the countryside. If, in the past, these shoes were made from waste and recycled materials, today's Friulane are made from valuable materials and perfectly embody the typical sophistication of Italian footwear, made of 100% Made in Italy fabrics.

The bursting popularity of Friulane shoes in recent times has triggered an extraordinary trend: reviving past traditions in an elegant key in the world of contemporary fashion. Their versatility makes them suitable for a multitude of outfits: Friulane shoes are perfect to wear to complete comfortable and informal looks, as well as elegant and sophisticated evening outfits.

Friulane shoes are the perfect hybrid between slipper and ballerina, qualifying as the ideal shoe for not renouncing comfort and, at the same time, conforming to the aesthetics and philosophy of the beloved Italian Dolce Vita.


When to wear Friulane shoes?

Friulane shoes can be worn on many occasions, and this should come as no surprise. From their humble beginnings, these shoes are traditionally designed to facilitate a dynamic stride and guarantee comfort and safety. In this sense, they are perfect for accompanying everyday, uncommitted outfits.

On the other hand, the Friulane also lend themselves impeccably to complete looks with elegant evening dresses, perfect for aperitifs and classy dinners because they go very well with luxurious atmospheres. The attention to detail of the Friulane makes them even more valuable in formal contexts where 'fashion' is synonymous with 'quality'.

In particular, Our beloved Venetian slippers stand out in spring and summer outfits that are elegant and fresh. In this perspective, they represent a refined and chic flat shoe, a valid alternative to the classic ballerina. Whether by day or by night, the Friulane are suitable for numerous contexts of use, always guaranteeing a surprising touch of sophistication.


Are you looking for a pair of Friulane to enjoy your Italian summer in style? 

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of high-quality handcrafted Venetian slippers, Azaleri is for you. Our Friulane, designed for both him and her, are produced in cotton, velvet, linen and suede by skilled craftsmen, guardians of ancient manufacturing techniques.

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