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Handmade shoes: the T-stitch technique

One of the most traditional hand embroidery techniques is the so-called 'T-stitch', also called 'chain stitch' due to the fact that it involves a series of loop stitches that create a thread very similar to a chain. This type of workmanship is the result of ancient stories and traditions and is, in fact, used in the traditional embroideries of many cultures. Currently, this technique is favoured for handcrafted garments, including handmade veils and shoes.


Origins and types of chain stitching (or T-stitch)

The origins of the T-stitch embroidery technique go back a long way in Asia, particularly in China in the 3rd century BC. Valuable embroideries produced with the chain stitch technique have been found in royal tombs, made from precious silk threads. Archaeological research has also revealed the popularity of chain-stitch designs in the territories of Persia, where the materials reached their destination via the Silk Road. 

The hand-embroidery technique of chain stitching allows for different types of embroidery, which differ according to the culture in which they have been shaped throughout history. For example, this type of stitching is applied in the famous Jacobean embroidery (crewelwork), in the munda (Kashmir) and in the Hungarian script embroidery. In addition to the chain stitch, other variations exist such as the braid stitch, the Singhalese, the Russian, the twisted or the “Rosetta” stitch.

The hand stitches of chain stitch allow craftsmen to form lines that simulate the fluid movement of the design. A striking example of this is the suzani, a decorative fabric with elegant circular figures, traditionally used by brides in Central Asia.


Handmade Friulane shoes with the T-stitch technique

The T-stitch technique is one of the most popular among Italian craftsmen, who favour it in the making of traditional shoes, such as the Friulane. In fact, these handmade shoes are part of the traditional history of Italian clothing. With a history behind them that began among Friulian country families, Friulane shoes have become true icons.

In particular, handmade Friulane using the T-stitch technique guarantee freshness and comfort of movement. This technique is used to weld the upper to the sole in order to keep the connection between the parts stable and, at the same time, give Venetian shoes an elegant and classy look.


Are you interested in buying handmade shoes made with the T-stitch technique? 

At Azaleri we handcraft Friulane shoes for men and women. We collaborate with family-run workshops to design and produce Friulane using the ancient T-stitch technique: It takes time, but the result is a superlative long-lasting shoe.

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