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Velvet Slippers: the chicest are the Friulane

The iconic Friulane slippers dominate the Italian shoe scene and do so with style and elegance. Also known as Venetian shoes, they are a mixture of slippers and sabots, born as 'party shoes' in the 19th century in the Friulane countryside and brought to the present day in the chicest shops on city streets.


Friulane shoes: a history of elegance and quality

The origin of Friulane shoes is rooted in distant times. They originated as party shoes that working families in the countryside wore as a formal alternative to work shoes. The humble origin of Friulane shoes gives them a hint of familiarity, now revisited in a modern key by contemporary fashion. 

Friulane shoes started out as comfortable and versatile, delicate and elegant footwear, to the point that the gondoliers of Venice preferred them while working because they added elegance to the look and ensured safety and ease of movement. Over time, Friulane shoes have not lost their value: they continue to be highly appreciated for their comfort, class and practicality. 

The reason why they have managed to make a strong comeback is due to their refined aesthetics: distant cousins of ballerinas, Friulane shoes fit the foot perfectly, give a natural shape to the leg, and are a symbol of fine style and high-quality fashion.

The velvet of the friulane

Friulane, as we know them today, are a symbol of style and elegance and deviate partially from the original design. What makes them 'new' are the quality materials with which they are produced by Italian craftsmen. Whereas in those days peasant families used poor, discarded materials, now shoemakers use refined raw materials such as suede, linen, cotton and fine velvet.

Velvet Friulane shoes prove to be a feather in the cap in the most diverse contexts: they adapt to informal looks and are also perfect to wear at evening events, elegant and classy. The versatility of Venetian velvet shoes makes them the ideal solution for all those who wish to give an authentic expression of themselves by means of handcrafted footwear. Indeed, velvet Venetian slippers are quality slippers that are perfect for expressing one's identity and style on any occasion


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If you are looking for a pair of handmade velvet Friulane shoes, Azaleri is your finishing line. Our selection of Friulane shoes for women and men includes a wide range of models to suit every style taste. The quality of the velvet used by the skilled artisans with whom we collaborate is enhanced by a slow manufacturing process that pays attention to detail.

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